Must Read AMiA Rant (Part 2)

Joel Martin nails it regarding the complete and total abandonment of Anglican patrimony by Anglicans.  You all know this goes beyond AMiA, even though AMiA seems to be currently leading that race to the bottom.  See also Part 1 of Joel's ACNA rant concerning women's ordination in ACNA (AMiA, really), as seen from the reformed perspective.
ACNA Fail – Part 2 « A Living Text

I am also sick and tired of the AMiA’s plunge into pop evangelical faddishness. Take a look at this picture:

Does anything about this say “Anglican” to you? It might as well be a gathering of Calvary Chapel pastors in Costa Mesa – scratch that, they would all be wearing Hawaiian shirts. But you get the point. No collars, no stoles, just a bunch of guys who look just like the corporate world we live in. There is nothing sinful in this, but it illustrates the larger point. The AMiA winter conference doesn’t meet in a sacred place, it meets in some auditorium with pastel and purple backdrops. It uses the same soft-rock bland worship that you can find at a million other churches in the USA. Speakers don’t wear collars. Bishop Murphy gushes about stupid books from the corporate world that push some sort of trendy nonsense.

The message seems to be, “Anglicans are just like every other evangelicals except that we have a prayer book we may or may not use once in awhile.” If there is no difference, what is the point of being Anglican? Being culturally relevant is fine, blending in to the point of disappearing is another.

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