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  • Where two or three are gathered...

    This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of doing something I'd never done before--I said "The Peace of the Lord" to every last person in the service, including the priest! Have you ever done that before?

  • A big day for American Anglicanism, received as expected by the left and the right. +Bob Duncan has clarified his views on the Minns installation on the ACN web site--if there was any doubt.

    Liveblogging the Martyn Minns Installation Service -

    I am going to give it a try.

    There are a slew of people from all over here. I bumped into Benjamin Kwashi and his wife Gloria in the lobby on the way in. We had about a five minute visit. Loved seeing the text messages from their children. I asked about the climate in Nigeria and no, it is still not safe for Bishop Kwashi. An important reminder of the cost of following the gospel.

    I had a warm greeting from Bishop David Bena and thought about the sheer courage of the man. Many forget that he was the Bishop who read a word of protest on behalf of a number of bishops at the New Hampshire Consecration service in the fall of 2003. I was there.

    The atmosphere coming into the event is hard to describe accurately. On the one hand, given the statement of Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and some reappraising blogs seemingly howling in protest over the matter, it seems like a big deal.

    [Titus One Nine]

  • A full length video of the service, including the homily and comments about what CANA should be about. If you're short on time, you might skip to 30 minutes or so to hear Bishop Minns take back the phrase "radical inclusion" for Christ.

    Filmed at Hylton Chapel
    Woodbridge, VA
    Produced by Kevin Kallsen
    by AnglicanTV

  • Pray for St. Dunstans as they begin their search for a new Rector to replace the much loved Fr. Fred Bartlett, retiring next month from this thriving Episcopal parish after 29 years.

    "Search?" you ask. "Are they not already blessed by God to have as their Associate Rector the very well-liked, effective, and otherwise obvious shoe-in, Fr. David Montzingo? Why not just save everyone a LOT of time and money and just consider him?"

  • So, what are you or your church doing for Ascension day? Login or register to leave a comment. If you have my personal email address, send me a picture or two.

    Our family is going to Holy Trinity, Ocean Beach for Ascension mass and a parish dinner to follow.

  • The Right Reverend Richard Boyce, Bishop of the APA's Diocese of the West will be in town this weekend to minister to the people of Blessed Trinity, Alpine. I understand he will meet with the people of Blessed Trinity Friday evening for dinner along with other Biblically orthodox area priests and then receive folks on Sunday into the APA province.

    Having worshiped recently with the people of Blessed Trinity, I share their anticipation and excitement at the coming of their new Bishop. We here at sandiegoanglicans.com will be praying for Bishop Boyce and Fr. Acker this weekend and certainly all those requesting confirmation. God bless.

  • The Most Reverend Henry Luke Orombi, Archbishop of the Province of Uganda has been in Southern California this week, notably at St. James, Newport Beach to meet with area priests earlier and, this coming weekend, at the men's retreat as special guest speaker. Sadly, I won't be attending the men's retreat, which I understand is overbooked (praise the Lord). Fellow site editor, Richard Segarra, is going and has promised us some pictures and a report on the goings ons. Have fun without me!

  • Thanks to Anne Coletta, the crew at http://AnglicanTV.org, and the generosity of The Most Reverend Henry Luke Orombi, the rest of us get a taste by video of what the Biblically orthodox men of Southern California are enjoying this weekend at St James' annual men's retreat.

    If you watch for no other reason, you'll benefit from hearing some very clear and plain language about why and how foreign foreign bishops are joining together with local parishes like St. James, Newport to spread the gospel in Southern California.

  • Standing at 6'5" and with the very large hands to match, Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi of the Province of Uganda is an impressive physical presence. However, as he addressed the room of over 200 Christian men in the Blinko Lounge of the Forest Home Retreat Center this past weekend, I quickly realized that while his physical size gets your initial attention, it's his Spirit-filled teaching that keeps it. Indeed the Archbishop had our attention as he spoke on the theme of the weekend - Be like Jesus (teachings from Philippians 2).

  • UPDATE 2:
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    Also, note our blog mashup and T19 feed have been updated with the new URL.

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  • St. Philip's The Apostle (photos) is an Episcopal Church in the Diocese of San Diego. Lemon Grove is one of the tougher neighborhoods in San Diego. It sounds like the ATF and/or FBI may get involved with this latest bombing and, we hope, protect the people of St. Philips, who have our prayers.

    From: http://www.10news.com/news/13381714/detail.html

    Police: Homemade Bombs Found In Church
    ...At least one window at the church was found broken, but it was not immediately clear whether the vandalism was related to the attempted arson, authorities said.

    Over the last year, church officials said they've had windows shattered, their main office broken into and threats made against one of their priests.

    Officials said they've raised nearly $1,300 to install security cameras around the church.

  • Update, 27 May: Friends from ACR confirm that Brent is home and doing well.
    Anglicans in San Diego have been blessed to have a man like Brent Calhoun so involved in our corporate life, serving faithfully over the years. Many in the area have known him, and his reputation is universally that of a humble follower of Jesus Christ, plain and simple. He plays the guitar for youth groups, retreats, Kairos, and has served the people of Grace Episcopal and then Resurrection, San Marcos as their Jr. Warden for I-don't-know-how-many terms.

    Thanks be to God, Brent is presently recovering from what appears to have been a successful vascular surgery. Recovery, however, is going to involve a good bit of time away from his trade which, appropriately enough, is carpenter. Any cards sent to Anglican Church of the Resurrection, San Marcos will be forwarded to the Calhouns.

  • This is a little off-topic, but it is Memorial Day, after all.

    In case you missed it, Cindy Sheehan has chosen Memorial Day 2007 to step down and return to life as a mother. Good for her. We wish her well, and pray for continued healing in that family.

  • For several years I have been trying to promote having us all come together in defining what "Biblical Orthodoxy" is. Certainly, some of that work has been going on and "Common Cause" has produced a beginning. There is much work left to do, not simply in writing the definition, but in gaining acceptance by a large portion of those who are presently united in our refusal to buy into TEC's theology of Human Sexuality and other revisionist heresies.

  • First off, please welcome to this web site Fr. Ed Renner, Associate Rector at St. John's Fallbrook, who has posted his first entry today on Biblical orthodoxy. If you aren't already on Fr. Ed's email list, drop him a note (register first) and have him add you in. He does a great job keeping San Diego Anglicans informed.

  • Update: 31 May. A point of clarification and more detail, kindly submitted by a reader. The 85% was that part of the congregation which wanted to have Fr. David considered as a CANDIDATE for rector. This figure was presented to Bishop Mathes in hopes he might reconsider, in light of historical precedent within EDSD and overwhelming support by the parish, the policy of not allowing associate rectors to be candidates for rector. Bishop Mathes strongly maintained his opposition to changing that policy in this instance.

    Original post:
    The straw poll referenced in Fr. Montzingo's letter showed ~ 85% of the parish in favor of calling him to be their next rector, following the retirement of Fr. Fred Bartlett. This is a gracious letter of explanation as to why Fr. Montzingo is choosing not to accept that offer. It is posted here with permission and is also available in the church newsletter. I am sure this decision will be difficult for the good people of St. Dunstan's to understand. We keep them and Bishop Mathes in our prayers.
    My Future at St. Dunstan’s

    I am writing to let you all know that when Fr. Fred retires I will
    not be a candidate to replace him as rector here at St. Dunstan’s
    Church. To those who expressed the wish that I would be considered for
    the position in the straw poll on May 6, I say thanks for your support.
    Your love has touched Ruth and me deeply, and encouraged us in our
    ministry here at the church.

  • Many of you out there prayed for our daughter Alexandra back in January and will be pleased to know this latest bit of news. Stephanie and I got a call this week from Alexandra's neurologist saying her latest EEG is indicating none of the original findings. Along with that news, we have been given the OK to wean her off her last medication. Praise the Lord, no? We're in a bit of shock over it, as it comes earlier than expected.

    I will never forget a very short, frank conversation with this same neurologist on Alexandra's 4th day in ICU who told me in no uncertain terms that Alexandra had suffered brain damage during delivery that would more than likely result in a lifetime of physical and mental impairment.

  • From Uganda's press release today regarding not attending Lambeth 08...
    Statement: http://www.capa-hq.org/news_events.php?id=49
    Living Church: http://www.livingchurch.org/publishertlc/viewarticle.asp?ID=3410
    Stand Firm (100+ comments): http://www.standfirminfaith.com/index.php/site/article/3260/

    We will definitely not attend any Lambeth Conference to which the violators of the Lambeth Resolution are also invited as participants or observers.

  • This weekend promises to be an exciting one.

    San Diego Anglicans will be blessed to have in town The Right Reverend Edward MacBurney, retired Diocesan of Quincy. He will be visiting Anglican Church of the Resurrection, San Marcos and Holy Trinity Anglican, Ocean Beach, both situated in the Diocese of Argentina under Archbishop of the Southern Cone, Gregory Venables. Conveniently enough, Richard and I attend those churches and will provide reports here.

    Also, this Saturday, your site editors will be up at St. James Newport Beach to take in goings ons at the "Call to Common Ministry." More on this event to come, but suffice it to say it constitutes a major step toward the consolidation and unification of biblically orthodox Anglicanism in this region. Stay tuned.

  • As mentioned previously, the Right Rev. Edward MacBurney, retired diocesan from the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy will be visiting two San Diego Anglican Churches, Anglican Church of the Resurrection, San Marcos and Holy Trinity Anglican, Ocean Beach, this weekend on behalf of Gregory Venables, Archbishop of the Southern Cone (see dio. Argentina website). A brief bio and a few links are given below.

  • What do you think of the new ACN websites announced today? Login or register to comment.

    Network Launches Three New Ministry Initiative Websites - The Anglican Communion Network (ACN) has launched three new websites: anglican-church-planting.org, anglican-evangelism.org and anglican-missions.org. [Anglican Communion Network]

  • Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. - Ephesians 4:15-16

    What a blessing it was to observe the historic Call to Common Ministry meeting held at St. James, Newport Beach Saturday, June 2nd. For those wondering what this is all about, my understanding from yesterday is that an executive committee has now been formed, with the blessing of participating global south primates and bishops, whose job it will be to begin coordinating communications, programs, and initiatives in service to Common Cause Anglican churches throughout Southern California.

  • One bit of very exciting news to come out of yesterday's Call to Common Ministry meeting was an announcement by Fr. Tony Baron that Azuza Pacific University has agreed to offer M.Div and Certificate programs in the area of Anglican Studies. Programs at L.A. and San Diego campuses are scheduled to begin Spring 08 to help accommodate the recent revival of interest in the priesthood among Biblically orthodox Anglicans in Southern California. Further details forthcoming. Contact Fr. Tony Baron of St. Anne's Anglican in Oceanside or Azuza Pacific University School of Theology Dean, David Wright (see his blog)

  • When you listen to the arguments of Revisionists you hear that they believe God's will is as follows:
    Affirming salvation through religious traditions other than Christianity
    Requiring identical roles of males and females.
    Requiring Affirmative Action to assure participation, at all levels, by every minority, including discrete ethnicities.
    Affirming the termination of any unwanted pregnancy by abortion.
    Affirming the termination of any marriage by divorce with no limit on subsequent marriages.
    Affirming same sex sex through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

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