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St. John's Fallbrook Responds to Second Lawsuit from San Diego Diocese

Just catching up on postings from last week. See comments on this release already in motion over at T19.
http://www.kendallharmon.net/t19/index.php/t19/article/3786 - DT.

Contact: Rick Crossley
Phone: 760-723-3246

Eric C. Sohlgren
Payne & Fears LLP
Phone: 949-439-6149

Statement in Response to Second Lawsuit Filed By The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego Against St. John’s Anglican Church

Fallbrook, Calif. – June 19, 2007 – Having lost a lawsuit filed against St. John’s Anglican Church and its volunteer board members last year, we are deeply disappointed that the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego and its Bishop, James R. Mathes, have been caught up in the national tidal wave of lawsuits being filed by The Episcopal Church against local church congregations that have realigned with other Provinces of the Worldwide Anglican Communion, and instead have filed another senseless and intolerant lawsuit against St. John’s in an attempt to confiscate all of its church property, including the sanctuary, Bibles, hymnals and office files. (more..) &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

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I am going to Lambeth!

I might stop by Lambeth Palace for a picture or two, that is, on my trip to jolly old England this week. I actually haven't been officially invited to the 2008 Lambeth Convention, but I'm not alone, eh? I'll be in London, Oxford, and Amsterdam this week on business. Local editors will be posting while I'm away, so content quality should improve. I may find time to send a picture or two. &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

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