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Temecula Valley Anglican Fellowship off to Running Start

What a joy today to attend the first service of the brand new Temecula Valley Anglican Fellowship, a church plant of St. John's Anglican Church, Fallbrook.

At least 60 people came this first Sunday and heard special guest clergyman, Rev. Canon George Kovoor, speak from today's lectionary readings about, "How to Pray." It was an effective sermon as evidenced by Fr. Don Kroeger subsequently opting to forego the "Prayers of the People" as printed in the worship bulletin ('79 BCP Rite II) in favor of a spontaneous time of prayers uttered aloud from the congregation. &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

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Article: The Very Rev. William A. Thompson on the Mission and Role of a Bishop

A la Stand Firm, where the comments have, appropriately, applauded Thompson's letter. If you don't know already, Fr. Bill Thompson is Dean of the Western Convocation, a regional district of the Anglican Communion Network. All of the churches represented on this site are supporters or members of the ACN.

Highly recommended reading, especially the "caution to us all" part toward the end where he underscores what is a very real question in my mind.... Will we allow ourselves to be under authority of such a bishop?


Article: The Very Rev. William A. Thompson on the Mission and Role of a Bishop -

Western Convocation Newsletter
Supplemental Edition
July 28, 2007

... A major reason our Anglican heritage in North America is in the shape it is today is that when clergy and laity participated in electing bishops, they did not have in mind these five principles. The next time you have anything to say about who your bishop will be (whether you are in TEC or out of it), it is essential to use these criteria when making that selection. If we do our church will prosper, if not, it will fail. &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

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Ruth Gledhill: Bishops threaten to boycott Lambeth Conference

Not insignificant, if it plays out the way admitted sensationalist Ruth Gledhill is suggesting today. At this stage in "the game," as we approach 30 September (queue scary music), we should all be expecting a daily increase of sabre rattling, shots over the bow, and perhaps a few "your momma" jokes from both sides. I'll believe it--and rejoice--if/when I see Gledhill's headline substantiate itself. Fun idea to think about, anyway (unless of course you're TEC or the ABC).

Ruth Gledhill: Bishops threaten to boycott Lambeth Conference - Bishops threaten to boycott Lambeth Conference &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

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