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Where Is The Money Coming From?

The lawsuits by Bishop James Mathes and the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego against three faithful Anglican congregations here in San Diego are referenced in this blunt posting to HOBD listserv, so I'm re-re-posting it here via Drell & StandFirm.

Where Is The Money Coming From? -

From here, although it is significant that Bishop Benitez sent this to the HOBD listserv:

Where is the Money Coming From?

&nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

Saga Arequipeña: ¡Viva el Paro!

This oh so very simple song, from Sovereign Grace Ministries, thanks to a prospective missionary couple that came through a couple of weeks ago, has been repeating itself again and again in my mind over the past week, and it has continually uplifted my spirit during some tough going:

So I will glory only in the cross
Yes, I will glory only in the cross
And I will make my boast
In the Lord Jesus Christ
Crucified to ransom us &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

FLAYM Youth Retreat for Grades 7-9

See http://www.st-tnt.org/Youth.htm for brochure and sign up form. Invite a friend!

FLAYM is a new Christian youth retreat being offered by several Southern California Anglican churches for all Youth at least 11 years of age and in Grades 7-9. &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

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