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Anglican TV Interviews Archbishop Foley Beach

Anglican TV has released two new episodes of its popular program, Anglican Unscripted, containing interviews with the ACNA’s new Archbishop Foley Beach. In the episodes, Archbishop Foley discusses his vision for the ACNA, his view of the role of bishops and of women’s ordination, his opinions about the best things in the ACNA, and his views on the current world situation. He discusses, at length, his vision for the ACNA in the future. He highlighted two major focus areas for the ACNA - reaching North America with the transforming love of Jesus, and building up the province. The new Anglican Unscripted episodes can be found at the Anglican TV website at http://www.anglican.tv/. Episodes 115 and 116 contain the interviews with Archbishop Foley.

Archbishop Beach issues call to prayer and action for Syria and Iraq

Archbishop Foley Beach has issued a call for prayer in support of Christians who are being brutally persecuted for their faith and experiencing an ongoing humanitarian crisis in both Syria and Iraq. The situation is being organized and led by a group called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The entire content of Archbishop Beach's communique is as follows:

Greetings in the Name our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! May God grant you the abundance of His Grace as you follow Him day by day! &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

Steven Paul Elder to be Ordained as a Deacon

The Diocesan Office has issued an invitation for all to attend the ordination of Steven Paul Elder to the Sacred Order of Deacons on Saturday, August 16, at 11:00 AM. The ordination will be presided over by The Right Reverend Francis R. Lyons, III, Vicar General of the Diocese of Western Anglicans, and will take place at Bethel Seminary, 6116 Arosa Street, San Diego, CA. A pdf copy of the invitation is attached to this posting.

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