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Diocesan President Releases Update on Current Status of Bishop Selection Process

Darlene Fray, the Diocesan Administrator and Bishop’s Assistance, has distributed copies of a letter from Debbie Kollgaard updating the status of the bishop nominating process. Debbie is the President of the Diocese and Co-Chair of the Executive Committee. A pdf copy of the letter is attached below this posting. In her accompanying email, Darlene stated the following…

Dear Clergy and Administrators,

Debbie Kollgaard, diocesan President and Co-Chair of the Executive Committee, requests that you share the attached letter with your parishioners to keep them informed of the current status of the bishop selection process.

Thanks so much.

In Christ,

House of Delegates Votes for the Next Bishop

The Diocesan House of Delegates met on Saturday, May 10, in Long Beach, for the primary purpose of certifying the candidates for bishop and forwarding the names to the College of Bishops for their final selection at the end of June. The House of Delegates is comprised of the active clergy of the diocese plus lay candidates from each parish. The number of lay delegates from each parish is dependent on the number of active members in the parish. &nbsp&nbsp(read more...)

Additional Audio/Video from Bishop's Candidate Forum is Now Available

The Diocesan office has released additional audio and video files from the “Meet the Candidates for Bishop” forum held in Phoenix, AZ.

Below are the links to the forum with the two bishop candidates, Fr. Russell Martin and Fr. Keith Andrews, that was recently held at Christ Church, Phoenix.

Please note that due to technical difficulties with Fr. Keith's video, the link to the audio file which appears below contains the complete conversation.

The video of the forum can be found at http://vimeo.com/channels/diowestanglicans

The audio of Fr. Keith Andrews can be found at https://soundcloud.com/jdale12973/fr-keith-andrews-arizona

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